Surrendered my DL

I’m an alcoholic and my auto insurance is really high. Last May my 2002 Corolla died, and I had the salvage yard tow it off. I got that car back in 2005 when I lived with my mom, and she co-signed the loan.

She died in 2018 after going into the nursing home in 2010. I don’t have anyone anymore to co-sign a car loan with me. I don’t think I can afford a car anymore, with a monthly payment, insurance, and taxes.

I just barely passed the eye exam when I renewed my DL last. I now just have a State ID card, and no longer have to worry about taking driver’s tests or being healthy enough to drive.


I hope it works out for you

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Might be a blessing in disguise. I helped some people who didn’t have cars. You can get help with transportation. Pay a friend a little to take you shopping.

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I’m surviving using Uber occasionally and the buses. I have my groceries delivered now. For other things I order them at


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