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I planted blueberry bushes a few years ago. At first they flowered then produced blueberries (which the birds ate). But last year they flowered but did not even produce blueberries. What can I do to make them produce blueberries again. They don’t get that much sunlight, but I thought it was enough at first. Also, my peach tree also flowers but does not produce peaches anymore. It did one year–about three peaches. Then the next year it produced peaches with a goo coming out from them, and they did not make it to maturity. But last year they did not even produce gooey peaches–just nothing. Is my peach tree doomed? I am in zone 6b.


Hi, good morning.

In Zone 6 Blueberries do need full sun and a lot of water. They have a shallow root system and do need to be mulched. They also like well drained acidic soil. Blueberries will do well in large containers on rollers and that way I can control the Ph of the soil.

They do like pruning and that will stimulate growth. You might want to plant some lavender or other flowers to attract bees just to help the process along.
If they do produce berries this year, you have to drape some netting over your plants to keep the birds out. Most nurseries / garden centers have this cheep.

The peach tree should also do well in Zone 6 but also needs full sun. Sometimes trees need fertilizer. If you go to a nursery and ask for a 10-10-10 mix, that should have enough nitrogen for your tree. Peach trees in my experience like a nitrogen rich fertilizer. Peach tress also need pruning. Pruning for them works well in late April to get off any winter dead wood and stimulate growth.

Peaches also like a good winter chill. In mild climates they don’t produce a good crop and they die.
This year you might have better luck just because mother nature sent some chill your way.

Fertilize, water, cut back dead wood’s and hopefully your peaches will be in the pink this year.
Also, do you know the variety of your tree?

Hope this helps a bit.

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The peach tree is a Contender. Thanks so much for your response. I will try to remember to fertilize and water this year. The peach tree and the blueberries don’t have quite full sun, they have more like partial sun–about four to six hours. I guess there’s nothing I can do about this, though. I tried to plant them in the sunniest spots available. Also, I mixed the soil with peat moss when I planted the blueberries. We have naturally pretty acidic soil, though. Rhododendrons grow here naturally.

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