Surprise visit

So I just got a, well its surprise, not really good, not really bad, visit from someone in my group.

I will call her Sara, she is 22 and was diagnosed last week, and came to her first meeting today. It seems her boyfriend has kicked her out for being ‘psycho’ and she is a college student with no family within driving distance. I am letting her stay in the guest room for the night, my GF insisted, even though the rules of our group is that we contact one of the shelters right away. This time of night no one will be manning the phones anyway.

Just had to say something somewhere, and Facebook it wouldn’t be appropriate. Its one of the WTF moments in life. According to her side of things, she told her boyfriend and he gave her 30 minutes to pack her stuff and get out. He is super religious and is one of those people who believe that mental illness is the same as demonic possession or simply being evil. I have called the cops, in case he decides to destroy what she couldn’t pack into her car, and they said they will send someone to her apartment to get her things.

I want to take a short drive into town and meet with this guy, have a couple drinks, then blame the alcohol for beating him to death…

You’re doing the right thing by letting her stay there. As far as her ex boyfriend goes he’s not worry it. Just a dumb naive ■■■■. He can live his life narrow minded only to find out at the end what he really is. Like I said in my ‘Interesting night’ thread I wanted to beat that dude, but it wouldn’t be right. Well it would be a little, but not much. Some people breed hate and lack of compassion or understanding and that’s how they will live, with a pointless existence. Don’t worry about him. It’ll be hard for her for a while, but it’s the best thing for her if he’s like that. I mean I had a girlfriend who when I told I had sz she called me a freak and broke up with me. Sucked for a while, wanted to hurt her, but she can live her awful life and I will live mine.

thanks, this was mostly just a rant of sorts, didn’t actually expect a response XD

but yeah this isn’t the first time this sort of thing has happened to me, in fact, when I was in college I usually had three or four people living in my apartment who had been through breaks and lost their place to live. My landlord was good about it though.

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@Dremulf It is very kind of you and your GF to help Sara out. Maybe also encourage Sara to let her family know what happened so that they can hopefully help her out.

I was happy to hear about your support group meeting today. After your post a couple of weeks ago, I had been wondering whether your support group found a new safe place to meet.

we were invited to use a currently un used lecture hall by the college, it has better security than the town meeting hall, because you need to be either a student or a ’ guest’ to get in, which requires an ID.