Surgical masks saved my life

I’m in a homeless shelter after being hit by a truck with my Christian group out front of my school and being denied a lawyer and put on the front with epilepsy. At first I took it well but then after 30 years now I’m screaming at people constantly it is far more difficult than this message can ever speak, major traumatizing, far beyond anything this could ever say but in my suffering ( again it was serious I’m talking about sleeping outside in minus 40 weather with the people who ran me down calling me a sacrifice and not helping me) I found surgical masks. When I put 2 on one to regulate the speed the air goes in and the other to make it so I’m always breathing at one constant rate. it makes me stop screaming at people and it makes me stop lusting for these people causing problems when they act perverted because they’re trying to make people gay by acting provocative then saying to sleep with a man so they can make more prostitutes , the surgical masks really super help. I am at a homeless shelter right now with people blowing crack in my face with it being minus 10 outside and no one speaking to me but because of the surgical masks I forget about everyone and focus on what I am typing. I am confident if more was done to perfect surgical masks that they would make people a lot more intelligent. Where I am they give us depressant and give retarded people brain enhancers and make them rich and leave us poor and call us useless. It’s devastating. I can’t tell you how horrible it is. I think about suicide constantly but the surgical masks really help tremendously. Beyond anything i can tell you here’s a picture of the masks
New photo by James Matheson
I am very serious how much they helped but you need to put one on your nose and have another so keep it at one rate. Where I am they keep pretending it’s acceptable to run children down with their Christian group and to ignore people. They have pictures of the homeless people they let die on the wall but when I m frustrated which is constantly about every 2 minutes I tighten the nose part to make the air go in slower and make me breath out with more force. It is amazing. They should do more in the surgical masks field like adding something that releases scents or to make it digital in someway so it adjusts itself. After 4 years of screaming at people on the street after 30 years of complete devastation including having this group cause the death of my mother I really can say without questions that surgical masks really are helping me and have helped me far more than any medications they ever gave me ever and if I can help you I would because I am a real Christian who makes sacrifice to help the people not to kill gods children

Have you been to the psychiatrist recently? Are you on medication?


I’m glad that the masks help you, but I agree, you probably need more help. Hope you are able to get it, things sound really hard.


I’m glad you’ve found a coping skill that works for you. I agree with others, that you probably need more help than you’re currently getting. Do you have a case manager? Do you have Medicaid and welfare? If not, can you ask one of the workers at the shelter to help you sign up for those things?

why are you a doctor?

and did I ask about medication??

its wrong of you to give medical advice


I am just telling you what worked for me

Im not asking your medical opinion

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