Supressed anger

deep down, I know I have a significant amount of suppressed anger. mostly anger about developing sz and unrealized ambitions and goals. the anger, unfortunately, manifested itself at work the other day. I blew up at a co-worker because he’s an a-hole. my manager has kept me off the schedule for several days. I now feel embarrassed about losing my cool and I may have to face that co-worker, provided they don’t fire me.

I’ve sent a text to the co-worker to apologize. I feel like quitting. I’ve been at my job over three years and it is a big part of my recovery. I’d like some feedback about what I can do to stop from thinking of this in a negative way.

I have done this a few times. Usually I just get sat down with the person by my manager and we’re left to deal with apology etc. Once I am calm, I really don’t mean anything by it. My work are aware of my illness, which I think helps them to understand that things like this may happen.

I have lost a job before for doing this, but that was because it was directed at the business owner…

hmm, I’m pretty sure my cohorts are aware of my mi even though I’ve never been vocal about it. the guy I yelled at is just a co-worker, maybe that works to my advantage. I hope i’m just making a mountain of a molehill… i’ll be back at work soon. thanks @Joker

Only my manager knows. I had to tell the HR department, as I got hospitalised three times in the space of a year and wanted to know why I was off for so many weeks.

I do not share anything with my co-workers.

You should be fine. It’s human nature to get angry sometimes, and chances are if this guy is an ■■■■■■■, management and others will probably get why you did get angry with this person.

I wouldn’t worry about facing this person, a lot of people have really thick skin, and also, I have learned not to take things personally when it comes to colleagues, as I used to get myself really wound up with everything that went on.

Now I am just respectfully not giving a ■■■■ :slight_smile: It seems to work!


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