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How do you guys deal with all your support services being taken away from you?? I don’t have any family or friends(outside of group) who truely get me.
My support groups are all cancelled and now even my upcoming doctor appointment are over the phone or the computer…
I am not a happy camper. I need my groups.


My Clubhouse was my main support and its closed atm but we are trying to adapt so that we can still do things, it’ll just be online, thank god for the internet is all i can say.


My care coordinator has said my mother can visit me in the capacity of a care person. That’s all the contact I will have for the near future :worried:

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I agree.
The place i go, the employees all took their work phones home… But it is definately not the same as meeting up with others who understand you.


Heard bugger all from my cmht - ill soon find out what the protocols are, when my depot jabs due next week. My Care co-ordinator bogged off last year, turned out to be a bit of a snowflake.

im th same…my clubhouse has shut down and my pdoc is going to do appt over the phone…i cant even collect my prescription of fthem they said they would put it in the post BUT the post service said it is cutting back on work too

@Resilient1…how will ur clubhouse do things over the net? i may be able to assp on tips to my clubhouse

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My social worker is doing visits with me over the phone. My piano teacher has cancelled all visits. My shot nurse has cancelled all visits. There’s going to be a shot van going around to different locations.

Yeah it’s hard for me too. The support group I normally go to is cancelled and I miss it. I was able to go the therapy last week and it should continue the following week too. I also have joined some meetings via zoom, which I have enjoyed.


Hi Karl, we are trying to integrate a webinar type software onto our website and it is called

I need my life more. Sorry just an inappropriate joke.

I understand completely, we get so we depend on those things. I have to miss my group too. And church. And I’ve had to turn a half-dozen doctors appointments into phone appointments.

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