SUPPORT NEEDED Some of my story with paranoia and schizophrenia support needed

Need someone to listen and talk to me maybe they can tell me how they live with this and their story of life with schizophrenia and how they get by day to day.

Hey guys so i have this problem where i forget things so i down loaded a mood tracker app and have been tracking all my thoughts feelings triggers like everything i can remember going on in my mind and i try to keep tracking it though out the day. Ive come to notice that what i believed of how i was which was not that bad was false. Im more paranoid then i ever knew of and i believe i have sever schizophrenia and i have ADD/ADHD. I recently got out the hospital and they wouldn’t give me my adderall in there so i started taking it again when i got home. I really cannot focus on anything with out my adderall. Im scared they might take me off. But i just think my seroqel needs to be upped and my adderall upped and my anxiety meds up. But my case manager has drilled it into my head that doctors could think im med seeking. But how would they know if it was working or not if i dont speak up. I haven’t seen a counselor in a while their working on setting me up with a new one. But i feel i need to see her/him once or twice a week and i need support like a support group. My friends and family try very hard to be there and understand but they dont have a clue what im battling and how hard it is for me to do simple things. When people look at me i just look like a normal girl/women thats always sad/mad or lost in space. I have all these illnesses that im diagnosed with and know for a fact i have i just dont know how to cope with them. If i could lay in bed all day i would. I almost feel like if my doctor ups my medicine it will work and maybe i need an extra mood stabilizer to add to the zoloft since im on the max of that.

I Don’t Know any more or who to talk to or where to go any more


Welcome sorry your feeling lost…this is a good safe place mostly…lotsa helpful folks and info…

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I have schizoaffective disorder, with ptsd, despite what you case manager says, you have a right to talk to your psychiatrist about meds. I recently had my doses upped. the pdoc asked what I would like to do, wait it out or up the doses. I told him up the doses.

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Hey, sorry you’re having trouble. What meds are you on right now? It sounds like a whole bunch of them. You have every right to talk with your doctor about your treatment plan, but you should also respect the decision they make. Adderal can be a dangerous drug for people with psychotic disorders, and is only given in certain cases. Your doctor is probably monitoring it very closely. Seroquel acts as a mood stabilizer as well as an antipsychotic, so you are already on a mood stabilizer. How long have you been on these meds at these doses?

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Okay i just started the seroqul 100 at night 50 in the am and 50/100 as needed depending on how bad it is. 200 mg of zoloft Valium for anxiety i was on 5 mg as needed with my last doctor this one has me on 1mg as need which does not work at all i take adderall 15 twice a day and since starting the seroqul and being back on my adderall i feel like it works very well but i fell like my body sucks of the medicine so it wears off fast. Im very educated in this field to so i understand how mixing meds can cause more problems and what not my Keira for seizures are also a mood stablizer so i guess im on 3 so maybe your right about that. Honestly i really just feel like my medicine just needs to be upped im 4’10 and im 98 lb’s and when they upped my adderall last month i was focused on it and it lasted then last week they put me on seroqul for my schizophrenia and it works i do find my self taking it as needed like they said i could but i think its making my adderall a little weaker ive been taking my adderall around 9/930 hoping it will last longer if i take it later when im on all my meds freashly in the i feel wonderful and focused and motivated but by 10/11 am i can tell its all wearing off cause my mind starts going back down hill then at 12 i take my adderall again and its good till like 3 sometimes i take my anxiety med or the 50 as need seroqul… I think its just finding the right balance maybe.

Holy potatoes, that is a lot of drugs! Were they all prescribed by the same doctor?

Kepra 1500 mg 750 morning and night for my seizures from my seizure doctor

psychiatrist put me on all this and the hospital>>
Adderall is for my ADD/ADHD
100mg night time of seroqul
50 mg morning of seroqul > for >>
paranoia, agitation, and schizophrenia also for PTSD
Parzosin for nightmare/night terrors
Zoloft 200mg for major depressive and PTSD

And then as needed
Vauilm 2 mg 1/2 a pill as needed for anxiety but my last dr gave me 5 mg as needed and that helped alot more, the 1mg doesnt do anything for me at all
Seroqul 50 mg as needed for paranoia, agitation, and schizophrenia

My primary care doctor put me on this but it doesnt help and causes rebound headaches
800 mg of ibuprofen for my mingrains but i get such bad migraines and the ibuprofen makes me feel like so bad so i started taking excedrin extra strength and that helps but doesnt make me feel sick