Support group at my doctors office

I just went to a support group at my doctors office. My doctor recommended it. It was supposed to start at 9AM. I got there ten minutes early so i could get a quick tour. They teach stuff like how to do your laundry and how to cook…which i dont need. I cooked for 6 years at a restaurant and am quite capable of doing my laundry. From 9am to 10am i sat with 5 other people and they just talked about dicks and balls and meat sticks. One guy even told us how big his dick was!

Im going to tell my doctor how awful that program is. I felt so uncomfortable. I can make dirty jokes. But im good with one. I was hoping it would be more of like a, how are you feeling today? What did you do yesterday? Kinda deal. It was completely disorganized. The table was a mess. The kitchen was disgusting. It was just awful. I was really hoping to meet some people i could call friends. Instead i felt like a loner and more left out than ever.


Definitely describe all that to your dr. He needs to know.

Where was your doctor when the group session commenced?

Sounds like you are too high functioning for the group.

Actually it sounds awful.

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The program is run by a certified peer specialist. Ex cons, drug addicts, people who struggle with mental health…the doctors just suggest the program. I think i am pretty high functioning. More than these people were. On one hand it made me feel okay about myself. On the other i really wish i could just fit in somewhere. Im on craigslist right now looking for musicians to play with.

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