Supply chain shortages

I’m sure everyone remembers the Great TP Scramble of 2020. We’ve got TP again, but a lot of other stuff seems to be scarce. Here are the latest items that are hard to get in town:

  • Baking soda
  • Lime juice
  • Popping corn
  • Certain popular SodaStream flavours (lots of the gross ones left)

That bottom one is making my wife crazy. She loves the diet root beer syrup from SodaStream and it is increasingly sold out everywhere. You can’t get it in town or any of the stores in the nearby city I’ve tried. It’s out of stock on the SodaStream site. You can still get it from third party vendors on Amazon, but they’ve got like a 600% markup per bottle. I managed to find an online vendor that had 37 bottles left at a reasonable price, so they’re now on their way to me. And before anyone criticizes: Happy wife, happy life.

We have two car dealerships in town and their lots are EMPTY. They can’t get inventory. The dealership I bought Vlad the Impala from offered to buy him back for what I paid for him a few years back as they’re desperate to meet requests from regular customers (fleet vehicles in this case).

What things are you folks having trouble buying or are scrambling to source online?


Because of bad weather and problems with the supply chain we’ve had things like lettuce going out of stock. Like even some of the big burger chains have signs saying they are putting in less lettuce or none at all. You find some in the store and it’s sold out quickly. It’s crazy. Especially if you want a salad!


Huh. No shortage of lettuce here thankfully. I have noticed that the selection of imported fruits in the produce isle is not what it has been in previous years.

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My local grocery store is currently having trouble stocking pico de gallo. And Im too lazy to make it myself from scratch. :confused:


I noticed crackers are always hard to get.


Update: Got my hands on a case of RealLime. Now have a dozen bottles in the pantry.

I am struggling to find my dogs food at the supermarket.

My shopping gets delivered, but my parents go to the store and they say shelves are pretty empty for most things

Not like Covid-19 when there was a rush on toilet paper!

I typically keep extra food on hand for my dog and two cats just in case there are supply chain issues. I had to change my dog’s kibble a year ago because it was impossible to get.

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If you guys think that supply chain issues are bad for a family, imagine a hotel.

A few weeks or months ago, a bunch of actors for a TV spin off of a hugely popular international movie franchise were apparently staying at the hotel I work at under aliases.

One of the ladies seemed to find me cute while checking in. She came down to ask for toothpaste. Apparently due to supply chain issues, we had none. I painfully offered her mouthwash. She seemed to think my painful effort was cute, anyway.

How embarrassing. We have toothpaste now, though.


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