Can you tell me which supplements you take and the difference you’ve seen on them? I currently take nothing except Biotin for my nails but I would like to know if I can improve my symptoms. I ordered sarcosine last week, gonna start soon. Tell me all of it, also the ones you take for nutrition.

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I’m taking omega-3, and it helps with the negative symptoms.


I must say

Vitamin B3




and noopept

noopept will upgrade your brain.

It worked like a charm, for me.

can you tell me a little in details what you’ve seen as an improvement?

And, yes OUR BRAINS are some percentage made with omega 3 and our body doesn’t manufacture omega 3 so you need supplements

some fishes have them

krill have them - not sure about all of them - if there are many

flax seed is a vegetarian source of omega 3

and soya bean oil or beans are used but there is

research on articles.mercola website that soya products are dangerous to health

Less depressed and more energy, and thinking more clearly


Last time I went grocery shopping with my dad I bought some Fish Oil from Costco. You just reminded me to start taking them… :grimacing:

Doubt I’ll see a difference but I wanted something for my heart and thinking more clearly!

Says on the bottle you gotta take three a day.


I take great care of my nutrition and other than consuming a lot of raw fruits and vegetables, I cook healthy everyday. But my doc never mentioned that I would be better with supplements, actually I found a lot of new stuff when I joined this site.


Recommended dosage for omega 3 is 2 grams of good quality omega 3

some guys take 12 grams of omega 3

When I took large doses for a brief period of time

I realized that large doses are very good but,

I ran out of money.

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Visit this website

I take 4g and it does the trick

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I noticed that some doc’s don’t recommend supplements because typically they are only for people deficient in vitamins and minerals that they don’t get in their diet ,it doesn’t sound like you have that problem.

Filling your system with synthetics and unnecessary natural supplements could be counterproductive.

My doc never mentioned also I found about it through this website

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Yeah what you’re saying makes sense but I would love to just feel better and have a better focus. I’m gonna make a list of stuff and talk to my doc next week. I did a blood test recently and everything was OK.

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If you want better health go for b3 b6 b9 b12 d3 magnesium

If you want better brain go for noopept and coluracetam @

powder city website looks so creepy and I can’t tell what those supplements are. have you tried that site?

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Water and excersise are great supplements,most people don’t drink a gallon of water a day but if they did it would probably fix lots of things.

Yes I tried them

I’d say supplements mostly go to waste. Body doesn’t take what it does need. It gets flushed out.

A well balanced multivitamin is all you really need.

The mega dosing vitamins doesn’t work… I’ve tried it. If you’re worried about covering the bases for health, research multivitamins and make your choice. Most of them are comprehensive, but they aren’t expensive.

Any case ■■■■ negatives. They aren’t fun.


Check out the page on vitamins and schizophrenia and other complementary treatments:

Also - while some people recommend Omega 3 - the data is very mixed - lots of studies show no effect at all, some show negative impact on people.

For example - here is a large review of all the literature:

Meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials on symptomatic outcome revealed no beneficial effect of EPA augmentation in established schizophrenia. However, no conclusion can be made for medium- to long-term effects of EPA in schizophrenia, in particular on relapse prevention in the early course of psychotic disorders.

another study:

EPA alone impaired the course of total PANSS [improvement] and psychotic symptoms, especially persecutory delusions. Vitamins alone impaired the course of psychotic symptoms, especially persecutory delusions). Adding vitamins to EPA neutralized the detrimental effect on psychosis.