Supplements are overrated

I think they are over rated. I felt funny taking a bunch of supplements and now I feel more free.

■■■■ messed up my cognition and made me feel brain dead.

Especially calcium, that ■■■■ made me feel really strange.

I’m focusing on eating right, screw supplements.

I stopped for over a year now and feel more relaxed and have a better appatite.

I didn’t take any weird body building supplements and now my balls feel like they’re bulging, not to be a creep or anything.

I was taking high amounts of magnesium and ■■■■ and it was pacifying my mind.

I felt like I was getting dementia on that ■■■■.

Experts say that taking multivitamins are unnecessary, especially if you are eating a balanced diet.

I stopped taking a multivitamin and it seems that my blood glucose levels are more stable!

Don’t know if there’s a correlation between the two.

It feels weird today to not have that ■■■■ in my system.

I am taking fish oil sometimes and just ordered sarcosine too

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Sarcosine is AWESOME. Noticeable cognitive boost and help with neg symptoms. I buy mine from BrainVitaminz. Also taking white mulberry leaf extract for help with blood sugar and have a diffuser loaded with rosemary oil to help with memory.


I just had eggs. I am taking a break from all that stuff and just seeing how I feel.

Eggs are nature’s perfect health bombs! Got myself one of these for Xmas:


I am not absorbing the proper nutrients because I drink every night. Tonight I won’t drink and see how I feel. I got to learn to relax.

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Excessive exercise and supplements isn’t working. Quitting my addictions might though.

It is hard to run every day when you have a hang over, let me tell you.

Screw it, just took ZMA. That actually does help. 1

When my body feels weak, my mind feels weak. Magnesium especially gives me more physical strength. But if I didn’t drink I wouldn’t have to take it.