Supernatural vs skepticism

It is marginalization to be told a spiritual or personal experience is a sign of illness. Those should be considered separately because what if it was true? What happens to Wiccans who have mental health issues they get marginalized by everyone including other Wiccans. Wiccans honor the God and Goddess. They seek to balance nature and its elements. Spells do involve the belief in some form of transcendental energy. They also believe in reincarnation. They are similar to Christians Buddhists it’s a religion that never solidified because women have been suppressed through out time.

Instead of attacking or blaming our beliefs for our inherited conditions maybe look into alternative religions like Wicca

I think that would depend on the person and what spiritual experience they are working through.

My Girlfriends Cousin who is a very spiritual person… has a spiritual experience… I wouldn’t say that was a sign of illness… or even my sis who does study a lot of wicca and stuff like that… If they said they had a spiritual experience… I think people would not be so condescending. Others would be open to what they had to say…

Now if I suddenly abandoned my reliance on science and started telling my family that …spirits were telling me the future… and other stuff… that would be a sign of illness…

I’m not saying because I’m Sz… I’m saying because I don’t consider myself as having any spiritual practice. My family doesn’t see me as having any spiritual tendencies. So if I went spiritual … (which I have) it’s usually a sign that I’m starting to unravel… it has been a sign of manic unraveling in the past.

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While “spirituality” is confused with “belief” in the West, it is the practice of staying connected to reality in the East. At least that is how the Hindus, Buddhists and Taosists see it.


Good point… I do use mindfulness and meditation to help me stay anchored to myself and calm the anxiety spikes.