Supernatural explosions

So, being dragged into this crazy ■■■■ long ago you hear quite a bit about things.

Not by choice, but you see alot spirits and proof of creation and omens and mind control and spell works and all of that great fantastic crap holy ■■■■ i just wanted to be a cook.

Anyway, me and these ■■■■■ were hanging out against my will as usual and they told me about it, the explosions.

They talked about this ■■■■ movie called vhs again but a particular scene. In the scene a cult leader dark entity servant worshipper basically ■■■■■■■ exploded, but there was no bomb. His entire body just supernaturally vaporized into nothing, nothing remained, just splatter.

So, they go “that’s real, we’ve seen that happen before.”

I cringed yet again as i do on my endless cringe of a life, my everlasting supernatural cringe of a life.

oh here come them Scientologists picking those pesty aliens off their flesh again and hoping no one notices the sarcasm.

why are u ■■■■■■■ using obstinate word …!!!

Watching gory movies triggers me, too. I end up hallucinating that whatever violent act I saw is being done to my loved ones. I stay away from gore nowadays.

Not talking about spontaneous combustion are you? This sounds messier.

In Parasite Eve it just seemed like some neat and fun Science Fiction. Then I found out there were real cases of it…

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I was thinking about this recently, they’re have actually been reports of spontaneous combustion