I am in a labyrinth, a maze of walls. There is light to see by, however, and the walls are green like Lava soap. I finally arrive at a room, still with the teal tiles, with a window too high to reach. As I stare impotently at the window, something makes me turn my head around.

It is a buffed-up blond version of me standing in the middle of the room. He seems amiable enough, and he stretches out his well-formed arms to me and we somehow merge into one…

We leave the labyrinth and eventually meet a man in a black leather jacket who claims to be a sort of Green Arrow good guy. He wears a cross, so we ask him what that is about. He says a little shyly that it’s his personal thing. And so, satisfied, we join forces. From there, the dream dissolves into a new scenario.


Cool stuff. What a machination you have.

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Thanks very much. After yea much therapy something busts loose and I am the product of tons of reading of heroic fantasies as a teen! I just want to sword-fight my way through a horde of grotesque villains so I may finally reunite with my incomparable Dejah Thoris and kiss her on the lips and live happily ever after as the Warlord of Mars. Finis.

Ya know, my voice never “dropped” during puberty, but now I sense that it has, and suddenly, at the age of 51. Jesus. Have an awesome day, Dude.

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You could always look up dream analysis on the internet. Carl Jung thought dreams were important.

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Thanks. I actually went thru a year-long therapy stretch prior to and during my initial episode of sz in 1991. The psychologist and I looked at a lot of stuff. No one knew I was gonna go psycho as a result. So, the effort was abandoned when I was dismissed as being unwell. Since then, my parents have both passed away, and then I had a tremendous battle with alcohol from 2002-2017 (9/12/17 is my sober date). I finally realized that I was drinking for no reason; that the world had changed. My sister was a big part of why I kept drinking, but that’s still unclear to me. I only know that I just can’t stand her. However, my brother and I are managing to be close. He’s a retired professor and another smart guy.

If you want to pursue Jung, you might find his approach fascinating. For myself, tho, I steer away from his antisemitism (broke with Freud for being a Jew) and general racism (had a low opinion of African people) and bigotry (made fun of his own patients; thought homosexuality was abnormal; etc.).

In short, CG Jung is passe. I would recommend Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for you. If you must do psychoanalysis, I would say Freudian because he was fair-minded. But all the above is my own opinion based on my own rather extensive experience. Good luck.

I hadn’t heard any of those negative things about Jung before, he was well known and it’s where the Myer’s Brigg’s personality tests originated. I will look into it further. I like some of his ideas on the significance of the dream world and some of his mysticism. I don’t know much about his personal likes or dislikes though. I doubt if I went to a Jung therapist they would hold such negative views.

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You might pick up a copy of The Portable Jung, ed Joseph Campbell.

For mysticism, I enjoy reading Ralph Waldo Emerson a great deal. He was an American Transcendentalist and abolitionist who actually got in to talk Lincoln’s ear off about freeing the African slaves.

Yes I am opposed to Jung for being racist. If Emerson could be liberal in the 1840s, then why couldn’t Jung a century later? But then, as Thomas Mann described it, all of Continental Europe suffered from a sickness during the World Wars. Just read The Magic Mountain if you get a chance. The setting, an Alpine sanitorium (a place for treating TB), is symbolic of just that very illness of fascism. Thomas Mann was a great German humanist of the last century.

@Borath and @ArchStanton I noticed you both sound very intelligent and insightful was wondering what diagnosis you suffer with? If you care to share.

Paranoid schizophrenia / alcoholism.

ty for sharing @Borath. I, also, suffer from paranoia. If you were able to resolve this would you mind sharing what types of things helped you most?

I’d say meditation on my own helps, tho it also stirs up psychosis even more when it gets to the spiritual heart of things.

And those are determinations only you can make for yourself.

Take care and watch Star Wars.

Oh I’m aware I have to determine it myself. That’s why I worded it as to what helped you. Just looking for ideas not advice. TY @Borath.

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Thank you for your kind comment. The official DX was SZA but I float in the gray areas of MI quite a bit.

sounds nice except if i was lost in a maze i would get scared, reminds me of the one in harry potter lol

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Cool. I never read Harry Potter. I might’ve been thinking of something out of Edgar Rice Burroughs way back as a 12yo.

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i haven’t read many books tbh but i am trying to start a book club at my clubhouse, like a book swap type thing :slight_smile:

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Neat. A block away from me is a “Book Share” where folks can drop off or pick up free used books. I check in there now and then. It’s a little green structure like a birdhouse with a glass door in front.

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thats what mine will be :slight_smile: a book share, i might incorporate computer games and dvd’s everything will be donated,

I might like to do a monthly book club as well, favourite book. talk about what we have read, it all depends on participation, hopefully i will read a bit more myself :wink:

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Good attitude. Remember that it’s not a race. Nothing ever is a race. My dad used to say, “It never pays to be in a hurry.” Led Zeppelin: “And if you walk you’re gonna get there / Tho it takes a little longer / But the price it takes to nowhere / Has increased a dollar more.” From “Celebration Day.” BTW, good music with good words is a faster ticket to wisdom, IMO.

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you sound really smart :slight_smile: i mean i thought i was smart but i haven’t got half as much knowledge as you,

knowledge is the seat of man they say or women in your case :slight_smile: (i think they say that) :joy::joy:

yeah i am very surprised that a memory could be so deep, seems to be limitless.

knowledge is a huge turn on in women for me :slight_smile: