Super bored


Super bored anybody wanna chat with me


I’m bored too. Are you getting anything nice for yourself for Christmas?


Lol I like your sub 5mg is definitely not Enough for Anything. But nah just good grades. My people’s are traveling for Xmas But I have to work



Actually now that I think about it, I might order a dvd. A science fiction or comedy one.

Good luck with your exams. I hope you get those good grades!


No i saying my grades are already Good
Quick question. Im o. 7.5 mg of abilify do you think that’s a decent amount. I’m not asking you to be doctor or nothing but from experience what would you think about that


If you’re just on 7.5mg of abilify and nothing else then it might not work. If you were over 18 then you should be on a minimum of 10mg. That’s the minimum dose for schizophrenia for adults.

But yeah, I don’t know much about how they go about prescribing Abilify for under 18s.

It’s better to trust your doctor.

Well done on getting good grades. That’s very encouraging news! Your future looks bright :sunny:


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