Sunrise or sunset

Both are equally beautiful.

A photo of the sunrise I took this morning


Beautiful. I love nature. Both are incorrect thou. The sun doesn’t rise or set. The earth moves. The sun stands still.

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Well if we wanna get technical :sweat_smile:

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The sun doesn’t stand still.

The Sun orbits the center of the Milky Way , bringing with it the planets, asteroids, comets, and other objects in our solar system.


This is something Carl Seagan used to say. Carls Seagan used to say that even thou the universe if beyong huge and the earth revolves around the sun, man think of the earth as being the center of the universe. So he says that even thou heliocentrism is proved and we have a glimpse of the size of the universe expressions like sunrise and sunset indicate that the man will probably never realise he is not at the center of the universe. interesting thoughts. Carls Seagan was a wise individual.

Nothing stands still in the universe. I meant the earth is moving and that is why the sun appears and dissapears. everything is moving. The very theory of the big ban was born because scientists realised the universe is expanding and spacial bodies are moving away from each other so they realised there must have being a beginning.

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