Sunday night

Sunday night is feeling alright
The food is great
The music’s tight.

Drink that chocolate milk
Eat that nacho plate
Lay on those bedsheets of silk
Tomorrow ain’t guaranteed so mate.

I gotta wake up to go to work
But really all I do is forum lurk
Put in my two sense and stupid replies
While I’m looking at my wife and her massive thighs

I’m getting head rush
Natural dopamine from drums
The snow melts to slush
I’ma have some funsssss


Thank you thank you moose party here to destroy and envision the righteous path to beating Sz and making it our ■■■■■.

Use your delusions don’t let them use you
■■■■ them and follow through
You are amazing
You can make it

You know why?

Cause moose said so

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