Sunday Night 🎄

So tonight I put our Christmas tree :christmas_tree:

It is beautiful. Next year we need a new tree. This is still functional though. We went shopping for Christmas presents and I saw a dark purple tree too, then we bought the fuchsia stars and the pinecones as an addition.

24 PM

I also spent some time with my cat, she is addicted to my shoelace =^_^=

37 PM

I will start my anxiety medication tomorrow, I am so looking forward for it. I also thought what kind of karma is this, what did I do to deserve this. Because I counted and I realized I take more than 5 medications and 3 vitamins, 3 supplements.


I love getting in the christmas spirit! Your tree looks f*cking picturesque.

What anxiety med are you on?

In the past ativan and Xanax worked for me. Sometimes the occasional propranolol or L-Theanine for littler things work too. The worst is when you have to get over a benzo dependency so just watch out!


Too early for Christmas stuff for me, never put up a tree or anything anyway, but that is a handsome cat. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I am only taking Ativan benzo half a mg per day or 1 mg per day.
Tomorrow I am starting Gabapentin 100 mg I am wishing with all my heart it works for me.
I also take 900 mg L Theanine per day.

Here’s a trick if you want the gabapentin to work better for anxiety, take it with an Aleve. I think that’s how you spell it. And maybe go up to 300mg if you don’t notice effects at first.

It could be just me but I’m a master at psychopharmacology. And also maybe a benadryl towards the end of the night, that way you don’t need an extra ativan.

Looks great!

I thought about putting up some decorations this year,

My husband would probably enjoy a tree,

Maybe, maybe…

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I like your tree. I have not decorated for years. I was upstairs earlier today and saw the Christmas tree stand. Got me thinking of putting up a tree. Probably wouldn’t.


This is a wonderful tree