Sunday Morning

Had to think it out, slept so much Saturday was not sure what day it was, so poke me with a stick today if I nod off !!!

So whats the plan for the day???


Did dishes, and a load of laundry, soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo bored :sob: feel :smiling_imp:

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Picked up meds from pharmacy. Now doing my laundry, also. Don’t know where it will go from there haha.

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I slept most of the night last night. Well, I woke up many times but wasn’t compelled to get up so it was a peaceful night. I had prayed for that and needed it so I woke and got up at 5:30 feeling really grateful.
I got dressed, had coffee, ate some Spam for breakfast (a break from my usual yogurt), brushed my teeth and mopped the floor…
Waiting to go over to my sister’s for lunch with family.
It’s a really really good day so far!
(I haven’t heard the mice since last evening either which is so helpful)