Sunday confession - I'm a dreamer

If I had my way, I’d do nothing but lie on my bed and dream all day.


Lol- it’s SATURDAY!! ; )

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omg. I’m in such a dream, I forgot what day it is. Saturday Adventists on the radio made me think it was Sunday.

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Oh and I may have goofed in my own right. Because sundays and confession makes sense too.

That’s funny are you serious ??

Yes. I am serious. I’m dreaming my life away. It’s lazy of me. Should I beat myself up?

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Now I think you’re having a time with me… Because I still can’t figure if You’re serious.

In a way I needed this thread. I am a dreamer but in my own situation IRL I feel like people think I’m an evil genius… : ( So there you go you got me in the funny bone here I think?

I’m a dreamer because I don’t want to work. I try to get others to work for me. People used to think I was a sex tease, but I was unaware of it. Alone, in bed, I harm no one. But it is neglect.

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I meant Seventh Day Adventists, @anon64158233

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Same here… I love sleeping, its my only peace. My safety is in my bed I became a sort of hermit.

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