Sunday afternoon at the football!

Birthday lunch for a brother then maingame down bishop ( bash up ) park the devils v the dolphins
Bit of fun with the family!


awesome sauce !! that looks like a lot of fun.


If you notice the photos are the U19 girls team so 18 year olds. Love local football. It’s a State league so the National Rugby League is above it so not the best players nor the worst. You get some players on their way up or down to the NRL so it’s still good footy to watch.

Our team the Devils drew 30 all with the Dolphins who now have a team in the top flight NRL so we support them in that so to confuse you more we had a great time and a good game!


And it was $10 to get in to watch it…$5 because I had a disability concession card…The NRL is like $50 or so for a poor seat.


Fine work brother! Love me some league

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