Sun is black magic

Sun is black magic
Sun is death
Sun is one eyed whore

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Why do i fear the sun?
He is the king of the sky.
He rules.

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Whoever dies, goes to the sun.
All power to the Soviets!
Vive la Commune!

Do you think it’s possible
for soul to ascend in the sky?

Yeah, it’s pretty warm when the sun hits my window and I sit in front of it.

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Sun isn’t death, it’s life. Without the sun life would never be created on earth.


I uploaded a funny stalin picture
and Facebook deleted it and warned me.

“Hello, sun is murdering me.”

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Yes, that’s me in the mornings

Facebook is left wing.

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Sorry the sun is bothering you. Funny Stalin picture.

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Good morning, sunlion. Whats up?

They deleted the above picture of stalin from Instagram too. haha

Today it’s a sunny day.
I am ok.

Today here we celebrate
the 200 years since our greek revolution of 1821
against the Turks

I’m okay. I guess Stalin is offensive.

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