Sun is black magic

It mesmerizes us
It casts spells on us
It inserts suicidal and homicidal thoughts

I like the sun. Sunlight makes me happy as long as it’s not too sharp


Tune into RTÉ radio 1 right now, there talking about land, money and murder suicides

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That’s what
voices say

The sun is just a hot ball of hydrogen and helium that’s been around for billions of years.


The sun is not the cause of your delusional thoughts.

I used to think the voices were evil spirits. Still do to some extent.


This one goes out to you @Om_Sadasiva
SWANS - God damn the Sun [1989] - Bing video

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How can i hide from the sun?
It’s everywhere

The only evil thing I know of with the sun is sun gazing it is evil and invites demons into your life other than that I enjoy the sun on a nice day I love how it shines on water like diamonds

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Only for half of the day. And my ex cat loves it.

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It keeps us warm and makes plants grow. It is the engine that drives the earth.

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Its beams are
like knives stabbing my brain

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Guys, today it’s cloudy weather.
I feel relieved

I play hide and seek with the sun

Why do you avoid the Sun? Are you allergy to the sunshine?

No, i have no allergy
but sun is black magic.
It has powers that make me psychotic.