Sun inserts suicidal thoughts

Last time I made an attempt to die, I had taken 33mg benzos. It was a sunny day, and voices had told me that it was a beautiful day to die

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Are you ok? Are you at the hospital?

No, I am at home.

How are you feeling?

Honestly I feel like ■■■■. You?

Voices say that I should die. I’m in turmoil

“you’re worthless and pathetic”

I feel like ■■■■ too. I still believe that the police are after me.

Sorry to hear that. Can’t you tell your voices to fack off?

I wish that would work but it doesn’t

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I’ve done the same thing. I took 28 Atavans and 13 Klonopins. I don’t know if they pumped my stomach. After the emergency room they took me to a mental health clinic, and I slept it off for a couple of days. I wish I could say that was the last time I abused a mind altering chemical, but I still had some of that in me. But it has been four years since I last did any mind altering drug or alcohol.


I should call my psychiatrist but today he is off the office. Maybe tomorrow

Voices say that my death will benefit people

Go to the ER if you are suicidal

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Are you on antidepressant?
I went on 5htp and increased klonopin to 2mg from 1mg. Seems to help so far.

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Yes, on big dose of antidepressant .

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I can’t go, unfortunately. It’s too far from here but there’s no one to drive me

I’m sorry Om, hang on. :frowning:
This reminds me of Solar deities.

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I’m sorry. :frowning: I’m here for you.

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Hang in there. Don’t give into the voices, or listen to what they say, they are not your friend. Is it a option to try other meds? Maybe there is something that can take the edge off your voices so you are able to get calm? I hope so, just remember there are always options and new things to try. Don’t resign, things can get better even if it is hard to believe sometimes.

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