Sun-glade euphrasy

the sun-smile of salvation beamed:

pasture sun-warmed,
grain sun-begotten,
herds sun-dappled,
gauze sun-charged,
water sun-heated,
spray sun-whitened,
furnace bubbling sun-red,
glade sun-sweet,
cabin sun-gilded,
street cobbles sun-honeyed,
angels sun-eyed,
birds sun-feathered,
horses sun-bonneted,
limbs sun-sculptured,
hands sun-glazed,
tranquility sun-bemused,
intention for communication sun-mellowed,
planet’s curve sun-swung,
wreaths sun-whithered,
Lemons Sunkist.

-nepomuk onderdonk

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moon jealous


Night moon-flooded,
waves moon-flecked,
white waters moon-led,
tide moon-drawn,
metropolis of fishes
moon-chained and water-wound,
cliff moon-bathed,
hills moon-cold,
moth moon-blue,
maid moon-browned,
scenery moon-bright,
men moon-dazzled,
maze moon-loved,
parish moon-misted,
apples moon-pale,
herbs moon-gathered,
forests moon-checkered,
trees moon-haunted,
foliage moon-mellowed,
shadow moon-made,
heron moon-crazed,
madness moon-blasted,
oblivion moon-locked.