Summer Summaries

How are your summers going? Anyone have big plams that turned out or still lay ahead?

Mine’s going swimmingly… a lot of time wasted down town… My jobs going well… Fall is going to be a better season for me. The anticipation is killer when I think about it.

Feel free to post anything exciting you’ve got going on.

take care…


Sister is coming down for Canada Day, should be a good time.


I feel lost this summer. No uni until October, and finding it difficult to know what to do with myself. Diagnosis/worst episode so far wasn’t too long ago though, so trying to focus on some self care and getting back to “normal”.


I’m going to Norway to visit my mother for three weeks on monday, I’m very happy about it :slight_smile:


My summer has been lazy. I just don’t want to do much. At all.

Barely making a meal for myself. Low on energy. I like to sleep long hours on a shore at a lake

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No plans. Just one day at a time. Well, I want to make it to the Egyptian Museum in the next couple of weeks. It’s been there ever since I can remember, more than 30 years but I’ve only been there once. It’s the largest Egyptian Museum in the Western United States.

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