Summer Solstice 2016

Today is the summer solstice and also a full strawberry moon.


Wohoo. Everyone gone potatoes


Nice…be ready for the night is dark and full of terrors…light a fire and be merry…

Wow me and my sister talked about this yesterday. “Strange coincidence indeed”

It’s the start of the sun being in cancer and cancer is ruled by the moon and my sis bf is a cancer so we concluded its his “special month”

Hippies…lol i feel like i need a bath just reading that…im gonna go pick flowers…

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I take that back stop picking flowers…your stealing food from bees…dam hippies lol

I was eight years old in '67. Martin Luther King was campaigning for equal rights for blacks. The Beatles were writing songs about their experiences with acid. Every night they had stories about Viet Nam on tv. Those were heady times. America was undergoing a sea change. Old values were being replaced by new values. The acid wave was beginning, and people were dropping out of the rat race to seek personal enlightenment.


Sounds like current times somewhat

Were more angry…alot more angry…

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I think the major difference between then and now was that back then we were departing so much from old values and seeking something new. I was very young at the time, but I still remember how patriotic people were. To us, America was the shining castle on the hill. All the rest of the world needed to get better was some America. People were way more conservative. Divorce was very rare. The idea of equal rights for blacks and other minorities was something new. It was like we were waking up into a new age.

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Now we feel like the forgotten children of americas forgotten dream…but we wait soon we run things…a change is blowing on the wind… Baptised in blood covered in leeches…all hail the potato…

Not many people know but acid is really on the rise…being part of the scene for 7 years I can tell you it’s true. All the kids who smoke weed a lot, do acid. But it hasn’t sparked any enlightenment in the society yet.

I first took lsd before it started “coming back” but thanks to the dark web it’s really coming back now. Thanks for your posts.

long day…

I always get the solstice and the equinox mixed up.

Oh crap theres a difference?lol

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Ah i cant watch youtube on my phone very well…i had no druid training so if i havent stumbled across it i dont know…

@flameoftherhine Read this article carefully. There will be an exam to test your understanding. JK :smile:

Earth’s Eqinoxes & Solstices

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Solstice is an extreme - when day is the longest and night is the shortest, like now, or the opposite, as in winter. Equinox literally means “equal night”, and it’s when the day and night are the same length. Happens in spring and autumn.