Suitable jobs for the sz community

Work, work, work! It is on the minds of most of us, but how do we find a good job that we enjoy and doesn’t stress the symptoms out of us? I’d like to share my past employment choices and whether they might be fit for you: If you are interested in any of the jobs listed below, do an internet or job website search (indeed, monster, craigslist, etc) Craigslist is a great place to find a treasure job.

customer service (call center, consulting, movie theater usher, storage facility assistant manager, casino gaming associate):
ease of work: C+
co-workers: B+
managers: B+
pay: B
job satisfaction: A-
overall: B

I’ve worked a call center job for a leading auto manufacturer, consulting for a placement firm, a movie theater usher (no age restrictions) a storage facility assistant manager (no direct supervision or co-workers), and as a gaming associate for the casino industry (good with numbers-- try this one!).

mystery shopper (mystery guest):
ease of work: A
co-workers: n/a
management: A
pay: B-
job satisfaction: A
overall: A-

You might be asking yourself what is a mystery shopper? Companies such as fast food restaurants, hotels, hospitals, auto dealerships all employ mystery shoppers to evaluate their employee performance. I’ve worked for the fast food and hotel industry. These were my most consistent jobs in terms of duration. No direct supervision: you go out to assignments solo and use your phone or computer to log results.

marketing (brand ambassador, field marketing rep, marketing associate)
ease of work: B
co-workers: A-
management: B
pay: A-
job satisfaction: B
overall: B+

I’ve had two field marketing jobs. One in the food and beverage industry and the other for a bank. You have to be sociable at marketing jobs, most definitely will help you with people skills. Not an easy job, but if you can land a marketing job you can practice/ learn/ grow your confidence with people.

sales (sales rep, sales associate, inside sales)
ease of work: C-
co-workers: C
management: B
pay: A+
job satisfaction: B-
overall: B+

I currently work a commission based sales job for the local paper. It is not easy, but the pay is phenomenal. I work part time and I’m leaving my ssdi checks in the dust (my trial work period has ended). It is stressful but you learn a lot from the job and gives you plenty of time to sleep and rest on days off :sunny:

teaching (after school teacher, sports instruction):
ease of work: A-
co-workers: A
management: A
pay: B
job satisfaction: A
overall: A

Can you teach? Do you like kids? Want to improve your skills with people of all ages? You do not have to be teaching at a school-- there are lots of jobs (and volunteer opportunities) that may be suitable for you in the community.

Please reply to this thread with your experience with jobs. Most of us want to work, we just do not know what we are suitable for. There is plenty out there, you just have to know where to look.


I’d love to do casino employee.

A gaming associate is in charge of the chips on the table. You give payout and collect. Technically, you are not a ‘casino employee.’ I believe this is a California only job.

I think we have that in Australia as well.
I’d do it in a heart beat mate, the pay would be alright too a lot better than the pension.
I’ve always sort of wanted to work in casinos some way, because I use to grind a lot of online poker pre-schizophrenia I typically play 4 tables at a time.
I only just started playing again actually and I’ve been grinding $4 tables at about 120 hands an hour on each table working my way up through the stakes seeing if I can crush still as a schizophrenic.
Here is a pic it’s only about 15k hands but I’ve ran pretty average as well so nothing special.
if I wasn’t a schiz and wasn’t tired/fatigued and overall down all the time I’d play all day everyday and I think I could beat it for about $15 a day. which is about $23 australian my pension works out to about $60-70 so it’s a large take back and fun while watching tv or netflix. It works out to about $1.50 an hr but if you move up stakes it becomes more and more I think if I put in volume (more hours) i could beat it for even more but I only just started again.

just to clear up any confusion, this is a what a gaming associate is:

Warehouse work, unloading trucks, park ranger, janitor, many department stores, restaurants, labor. Not a lot of glorious jobs but it puts food on the table.

unless you go to university or study

I would like to be a mystery shopper, I like shopping

Plus… we all have our own abilities and what we can do…

When I was a janitor… I was part time… and my hours were like 5:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. before the building opened.

Now life has me working in parks… if your afraid of big open spaces… it’s not a good fit.

I feel more claustrophobic then agoraphobic… so being outside… not in an office around a lot of people does help me.

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I’m considering Real Estate. You don’t need a degree for it, but I’d like to give it a shot once I graduate.

Other jobs I’ve had include: Pet store associate, canvasser, concessions worker at a movie theater, student worker jobs in an office and a library, office assistant.