Suit And Tie, Question?

So I know most of the ladies like a guy who dresses sharp, but if there is anything I hate wearing, it’s a suit and tie.
I like lose fitting clothes, Sweats, baggy Jeans, T’s, Sweat Shirt etc

Do you think its a schizophrenia thing not wanting to dress up or have a tie wrapped around your neck?

monkey suit


I only wear a suit & tie for special occasions. How some guys wear a suit tie from 9am-5pm, 5 days a week is beyond me.


It’s not in fashion any more.
Lots of Business Executives are working in casual attire.


Nah, I think it’s more of a comfort thing.

I can’t stand wearing ties. But if I’m rocking a fedora I’ll sometimes throw on a sport coat or blazer if it’s somewhat chilly out. And if it’s a special event, someones birthday or something like that.

But if I dress up and walk around my neighborhood I feel like there’s a big target painted on me.

Sometimes it’s good to try and blend in.


no. i dont think it is. Men seem to like heels for women. yet a lot of women dont like them but will wear them anyway. I guess it is the same.

I m certainly a jeans sn t-shirt kinda gal, but I used to dress up often nice. not as much as i did though.


Clean shirt, new shoes
And I don’t know where I am goin’ to
Silk suit, black tie,
I don’t need a reason why…


I usually wear jeans, t shirts, and hoodies.


good point there. That has a lot to do with why i rarley do dress up too. I know women carrying a purse is target here. I no longer do that for years now.


Wow. Sounds like we both live in some tough neighborhoods. Yeah it sucks. People have their perceptions.


Dress clothes are just uncomfortable.

Period. For everyone.

This weekend I had to go to some of my husband’s work stuff and it required dressing up.

Nothing fancy, not like a black tie thing, but I had to put on make up, nice clothes and shoes. Brush my hair like a normal person.

In addition to being physically uncomfortable, something about being all dolled up makes me feel that I am being dishonest on some level.

Maybe a similar thing is happening with you.


I actually really like wearing suits and ties. I think they make me look sharp. But I’ve always been the weird one when it comes to these, “do most schizophrenics do this?” questions.


Coming from a female who doesn’t typically wear a suit and tie, I think it’s perfectly normal to hate wearing that. No one wants to wear something uncomfortable. I would wear flat shoes over heels any day. I think the concept is the same. Not to say there aren’t people out there who prefer the feeling of being dressed up over the discomfort of high heels or a suit. Long story short: probably not a schizophrenia thing, probably a people thing.


I’s all about how your attire makes you feel. I never liked dressing up, because I had always been extremely uncomfortable in any formal event.
I have always been a jeans and tshirt girl, but after my 2nd husband wanted me to look more like a girl, he got me used to wearing skirts (with shorts built in) and tshirts.
Now I like wearing them, but only if it’s comfortable.

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Most men who are in the public’s view of the camera are usually seen wearing a suit & tie. Men such as government officials, businessmen and management of professional sports team.

I don’t think any man would want to be frequently caught on camera wearing a t-shirt & jeans.

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