Suicide is on my mind

Who stays in bed all day long and thinks about suicide I’m at that point I’m thinking about taking a lot of Tylenol PM at this point I really don’t see any reason to live.

hey @grapes whats going on? are you hearing a lot of voices?

@Grapes. Please reach out to your pdoc and to family or friends and let them know how you’re feeling. If you think you might act on your suicidal thoughts, please call emergency services or go to the ER.

Here’s a pinned thread with crisis intervention resources.

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No not at the moment But I know there lurking

i see, is there anything in particular thats getting you down? I think moonbeam is right the best thing to do would be to contact a loved one or medical doctors at the moment to deal with what youre feeling right now. They can help you feel better and get back feeling good again

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Yea I just called the suicide prevention line I’m ok


That will ruin your liver. If you die, it’s extremely painful, if you don’t, you might be damaged for life.

Call a suicide hotline or your doctor / therapist.


@Grapes , keep fighting. Things always get better.


Hoping you feel better soon @Grapes .

really proud of you @Grapes

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me too i need to call

Good on you for making the call! Keep on fighting the feeling.

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Hope things get better for you soon @Grapes.

Take care mate. I hope you’ll feel better soon.

Thanks for all the feel better wishes, appreciate it


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