Suicidal behaviour


When does it become bad and seek help for suicidal behaviour.?

Is it when I’m thinking about it alot but I don’t want to act upon it. Is that considered bad…

When I think about it and have urges to do it??

When should a person seek help.?


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You should always seek help for suicidal thoughts and behavior. If you think you might actually hurt yourself, you should go straight to the hospital. If you aren’t in immediate danger, you should call your doctor and set up an appointment as soon as you can. Tell them you’re feeling suicidal, but you’re not an immediate danger to yourself. It is never okay to suffer alone.


If your depressed you might want to get on an anti depressant asap


@anon20318121 it is possible that your medication(s) aren’t working.
I can’t live at all without medications.
Not at all.
On olanzapine 10 mg I’m fine.
I am still low functioning but I can live in peace.
I am going to remain on this medication, regardless of any side effects until a cure or until my death,
whichever comes first.


I agree that you should always seek help and it’s never too much to ask… I wish I had gotten more help.

It’s considered bad. It’s called suicidal ideation. You need to ask for help. The sooner the better. Just make a phone call, get the ball rolling.


Thanks for replies.

I am taking olanzapine , lithium and 5mg lexapro.

I get these thoughts everyday and I’m thinking maybe it’s the dosage of lexapro that’s to low.

Anyways, I don’t think I’m going to kill myself even though I really want to I’m just plagued with the thoughts.

I’m going to my pdoc in a few weeks so I will check with her.

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It could be the Olanzapine. Sometimes if an AP doesn’t suit you it can give you suicidal ideation. I don’t know though. I’m not a doctor.

I had suicidal ideation on 5mg abilify which went away on 10mg. I had suicidal ideation on respirdal too. I had suicidal ideation on zyban (an antidepressant).

But suicidal ideation is definetely something to be reported to your doctor.

Thanks man I think I’ll tell the doc.


You should probably call and report your symptoms as soon as you can. Preferably today. Your doctor may want to see you sooner, or might be able to call in a med adjustment for you. A few weeks is a long time to wait when you want to die.

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Please , @anon20318121 dont do it … i have dreams with you, but never send me a pic. Also favourite member of this forum. Really appreciate you and even wanna see one day and spend some time . U r amazing for me.


Is anything in particular that’s making you think of these things?

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Hey @anon20318121, I just wanted to check in and see how you were doing. Do you feel any better today? Did you get a chance to call your doctor?

Hello ninjastar…

I didn’t do anything about it I didn’t want to make a scene. I’m feeling better today if it comes back as bad as it did I will 100 % tell my doc.

Thank you all for caring I love u.


I’m glad you’re feeling better, but you don’t have to worry about making a scene. Your doctor gets paid to treat you. Calling him isn’t making a scene. It’s just making sure he has enough information to do his job.

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Good afternoon @Chess24.


Translation - I have packed my luggage, now tell me where they live who lost everything.

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