I need to think of things to do that keep me happy and not too lonely when my mom is gone.

any suggestions this really has me worried i’m afraid i will start hallucinating again from it??

i might try a support group too. if it’s not too far away. The one i looked into was far away.

How to Keep Busy when You’re Stuck at Home :house_with_garden:’re-Stuck-at-Home

Volunteer work


I really value my volunteer opportunities. I worked at a food bank about three hours a week just bagging food. It was just enough for me and not too much. Plus I got a bag of food at the end of the week. There were only a few of us in the place and I ended up staying more because I did enjoy it after a bit.

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Move all of the things in your house to places that don’t make sense.

You need something stupid and/or crazy to do.

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Thank you for the suggestions! i’m going to work on it now so when she does leave for a while i’m not prepared! thanks!

i like to do a sort of beaty evening i give myself a pedicure a manicure face pack whiten my teeth that sort of thing it always makes me feel better.

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I just finished walking in a metro park. Trail was icy so I was the only one on the trail. Gives me the feeling I like of being alone in the woods. Usually there are a lot of people on the trails.

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one of the perks of being out in the rain no one else is around.
i also like being alone in nature its very healing and its where we are meant to be not in a concrete jungle.

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I watch a lot of anime. That’s what I do during winter and summer breaks, I go to the gym and watch anime and hangout with my friends. Some of my friends workout with me and a couple of them are even more into anime and manga than I am. I used to drink, dip tobacco and play xbox…alone…now I am not doing that, LOL :smile: