Suggestions, please!

I started in a morning IOP class but was struggling to make it. I was having problems with my TD, but my hubby’s work schedule conflicted with a lot of the classes, so he couldn’t drive me. I opted to go to nights instead. I have only been to one so far, but it is VERY different from the day group. Different teacher, different age group, very loud, very off-topic… I absolutely hated it while I thought the other was nice. What should I do? Should I give it a chance, or should I ask to switch back to days? I’m not sure how to handle this, guys. Help!

P.S. I can drive now thanks to TD meds, so I can take myself.


Give it another try first impressions aren’t always accurate, if its the same the second time consider moving to day

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Maybe give the night IOP class another try.

But if you’re absolutely sure it won’t work out, I would stick with the day program.

I hope everything turns out okay for ya.


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Switch back to days. Don’t stay in a miserable situation.

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I guess one more night won’t hurt. I am admittedly dreading it, though. Leaf, you were correct when you called it miserable. It just was.


I Am Curious, What is an IOP Class (???)… . …

Maybe give the night class another try?
If it still sucks, go back to something you enjoy @Happy_H.

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It’s an intensive outpatient program. For my group, it’s 2 hrs. 15 mins. a day for four days a week. It’s a group thing, which is fine, but I do wish there was some one-on-one.

Oh Cool!.

I Go to a Group Also…,

Gotta Admit I’m Not Really Fond of Mine…,

But I’m Trying…,

Mine is Only an Hour And I Wish it Was Longer to Be Honest…,

And More Group Involvement Like Members Starting Topics And Running The Show a Bit…,

It’s a Peer Support Specialist in Charge And She Never Let’s Me Get a Word in Edge Wise…,

It’s Only SLIGHTLY Annoying…,

N e Hoo, Keep Positive And Good Luck With Everything… . … :slight_smile:

Thanks. The morning group gave a lot of peer support, and the therapist leading it made a point of getting to everyone. For both activities we did, the evening therapist never even got to me. She really dwelled on some people, and just kind of skipped over me. I had wanted to share, too.

It Can’t Be Said Enough…,




& One More Thing, (it’s a secret),


It Takes Some Focus. Some Preparation. And Some Willingness to Try And See it From Another’s Point of View. But That Sometimes Feels Impossible When Your Problems Feel as if They Will Never Be Solved… . …

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