Suggestions needed!

Hi fellow battlers,

My blog has been coming along nicely. Of late, I have had a case of writer’s block. I used to refer to the old sz website and view previous posts to write about, but now, I have run out of ideas and things to say.

What would you like to hear more about? I hope to encourage discussion so I can better create a post covering all angles from a multitude of perspectives. I need your help!

idk much about your blog but how about something positive :smile:

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Today is surreptitious because I have the same result as I can’t write about what appears to be on my mind. I think if you are real you should keep this in mind as one of the bits of advice that may help to keep you sane. Any expression of emotion to a doctor can mostly wind up in a change of medicine. I am a second generation if you don’t count the senility that may run in… but my mom struggles have been affected toward her psychiatrist so many times and she is a smart person. They keep her in a state of continuance. Don’t keep getting too off.

I like reading about when people try something new to sort of push the parameters of their comfort zone and how that works out for them. Because it’s hard to do and I admire those who do it.

@radmedtech, has been walking up to 5 miles a day and getting out more. He pushed through a personal block and conquered it. I love reading about stuff like that… it gives me ideas and courage to try the same.

I like to try small things too and see how it works out for me… of course I’m a bit of a chicken and I don’t push my boundaries alone. I have a sis to crisis manage if I fall apart. But I do wonder… what would happen today if I went into a busy cafe with out lots of preplanning…

What would happen today if I went over to my Moms and joined her knitting group? As a young man who does know how to knit… what would happen? Would they think I’m weird? Would they be amazed that a guy can knit? Would they freak out?

I won’t join her knitting group today because it’s adventure sunday with my sis. Every Sunday we go out and do something odd and quirky in the city. Student art show, go see the Pike Place fish throwers, go see the history of roller skates exhibit. My sis finds all this odd little stuff around.

But if your ever at a loss, try something you haven’t tried yet and report your findings.

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I do not know how to help you, but somehow these poem subject matters come to my mind and then I just write a little poem. You could write a poem describing your past life.

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