Suggestions for supplementing?

I would like to be able to do more with my days and I actually kind of want to, finally!! But… when I finally got going, pretty soon after I started getting very tired and exhausted. I had more negative symptoms until then really, but at this point where I’d finally get past them, it started feeling like I’m missing something from my brain to be able to recover. I did a lot this summer but I soon got to the point where I just had to take a holiday from it all and I am feeling the effects of exhaustion really bad now.

Would tyrosine or something else work for this?

I do want to say, I visited this forum years ago and I picked up tips on sarcosine. It did wonders for me. It was like, my brain needed this supplement to finally start learning or relearning things for recovery. This is hard to explain… it’s scientifically proven that it helps with that though.

But this is why I’d like to see if supplementing would help in this case too.

A bit of background: I had positive symptoms a long time ago, been more negative after that or the positive was so controlled it doesn’t qualify for real positive symptoms anymore. The sarcosine helped lessen the leftover from those that looked kind of bipolar-ish and it helped with negative symptoms too a bit (I wanted it for negative symptoms).

Thanks a lot for any input.

I haven’t found anything to help with energy levels and I’ve tried a lot of supplements. Maybe someone else can suggest something though.

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Thanks for the quick response. :slight_smile:

To clarify a bit. It’s not really just my energy levels. Physically my energy levels are not that bad actually. It’s more cognitive symptoms. It’s like my brain is tired and I get intrusive symptoms as a result or I get really blocked in thinking or focusing. It feels like dopamine being too low if that makes sense… But then if I get too much of a high sometimes then it’s almost like positive symptoms coming back (luckily not enough of a high). Like I get a bit too much dopamine then. Or so it feels to me. But my issue is more the brain exhaustion, than too high dopamine, really.

Does this make sense?

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welcome back, you may be overly medicated, the AP’s especially cause slow down, that’s what they’re supposed to do.

Just get it thru your diet, supplements aren’t always gonna help.

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Why not just stick with Sarcosine since it helped?

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Thanks, for the welcome too :slight_smile:

Daze, that makes sense. The thing is I don’t take any medication anymore now. I’m going to meet a new psychiatrist to see if they have anything for me though. Have to wait until they are available for the appointment (a few weeks). And in the meantime I was hoping to see if supplements can help.

Were you suggesting to get tyrosine through my diet? Or do you have anything else in mind for optimising diet?

TheBest: sarcosine was working for different specific issues, not this brain exhaustion thing. Also, it seemed to have a limit beyond which it no longer had more of an effect after about 8 months. The good effects it did give me got retained though (thank god). I read that it builds up in the brain over time and then you don’t need it as much anymore. That would fit my experiences.

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I’m sure you can look it up, either foods, or supplements that boost cognitive ability.

I swear by spinach, but that’s just me. I don’t know why you’re off of meds,

maybe just typical schizophrenia symptoms. The brain can’t go long having this.

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Choline and dopamine help with cognition, you just have to find the right supplement for yourself.

Yup, Tyrosine is a precursor for dopamine, although it’s mostly used for energy instead of cognition, but it does help.

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I found Omega 3 works wonders for mood and concentration and it’s been found to be deficient in schizophrenics.

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Is it okay to take tyrosine with lamotrigine?

Because I find lamotrigine slowed my thinking terribly. And I stopped taking it because of that today but I have to finish something here and I need my cognitive ability back for it. So I wanted to take some nice dose of tyrosine just in case it helps but I’d like to be sure it’s okay to take it with lamotrigine (Lamictal, Lamolep etc)

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Sodium Benzoate helped me a lot but I didn’t like the cancer scare…

Ah I see, I’m asking about a different medication though

Have you tried Vraylar? It helps a little bit with energy and negative symptoms. It controls my mood and positive symptoms pretty well but my “delusions” are treatment resistant probably due to energy drink consumption. Also, check out Latuda.

ashwagandha adaptogen

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