}}}^/^\^{{{Suggestions and Advice- }}}^/^\^{{{

e(Y)e Have Lived a Fairly Ok Life … ,

Ok ,

More so , e(Y)e Get to Choose my Battles … ,

Altho Some Require me Being Tested on a Desert of Emptiness , Where no one Gains Except for me Losing my Freedom in Some Way , Be it Mentally (OR) Physically … ,

e(Y)e’ve Been Tested a Trillion T(Y)me$ … ,

No One Wins in thee End , For tha Purpose was for me to be Hurt and (OR) Hurting , , ,

and No One Wins Anything , e(Y)e Gain More Fear to Absolve , (OR) Dissolve , Whichever , and The Other One Loses Grip on tha Stone Wall and Falls , Without Evn Knowing What Jus Occurred … ,

So , Advice & Suggestions , , ,

e(Y)e Feel as if e(Y)e Get Very Little (OR) More So , None at All Here in My 3 Dimensional Self … ,

No One Wants to Help Me … ,

So e(Y)e Learn From My Mistakes and Carry Endless Weight Until e(Y)e Hear a Voice Showing me tha Way , , , Meanwhile Peoples Scream at me and Young Peoples Look at me as if e(Y)e Gave them All thee Answers … ,

Odd Sometimes to Say tha Least … ,

So Here’s my Question to You Beautiful Forumers , , ,

If No One Ever Gave You Any Advice and (OR) Suggestions , Where , (OR) Who Would You Turn too (???)

Kinda as if to Ask , What Untouched Grounds Would You Trot Towards (???)

This is a very good question. I guess not believing in anything has it’s advantages, in that regard.

I sometimes have a question and google it and find no answer to it. Sometimes I find a satisfatory answer in science, but not always. I stir away from stories, religion, symbolism, numerology, etc… That never brings me any good or peace of mind.

But to each their own I suppose.

I tend to keep my intellectualizations to myself and write them down. I don’t share most people’s opinions on the matters of the world.

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e(Y)e Have to Admit , “religion” Where e(Y)e Created Spirituality and Then “symbolism” Sometimes Catches my Eye and e(Y)e Become Stuck with All tha Rest , but in thee End , e(Y)e Fynde a Way Throo That Webbing … , and Numerology is a Complete Waste of Space and T(Y)me … … …

Here’s my Code of Conduct With My Spirituality , , ,

1.) Individuality .

2.) Creativity .

3.) Hope .

4.) Love .


5.) Peace .

6.) Strength .

7.) Courage .

8.) Patience .

Schools Out (!!!)

Those are good premisses, as long as they make you happy.

and Thus is Where Confusion and “WHY ME!” Comes into Play … ,

Solve that Riddle and e(Y)e Will Mail You a Stuffed Animal … ,

Any Kind , Be it Teddybear to Giraffe … … …

Gertrude stein on her death bed:

"What is the answer? "


"Then what was the question? "

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Hmm e(Y)e Don’t Read Anymore … ,

Hold On Imma Ask Jesus , , ,

“we were born to be babies, from babies to adults, now begin again.”

Thaz What He Says About That WHY Question … ,

Cool Lookin Book (by) (tha) (way) … ,


Good to See You @Daze … … …

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I avoid Robert Anton Wilson because of all the mysticism, but I’ve read excerpts of his writings. :slight_smile:

When e(Y)e Was Mad Young , e(Y)e Read Two of His Books … ,

Opened my Mini Self Loving Brain to a More Open Fun Universe … ,

Kinda as if to say Don’t Take thus Shazz To Serious … ,

As a Youthful Individual e(Y)e Would Go To Drug Guys for Books … ,

Timothy Leary , Wilson and Others e(Y)e Can’t Think of Oh , McKenna , Weird Old Guys … … …

I was into their thing when I was younger too, and I liked LSD so any excuse to be spiritual came nicely. :slight_smile:

I’m into other things now, stirred away from those abysses

e(Y)e Would Try Almost Anything Back in tha Dai … ,

Long Far Away Gone from that Way of Living Now … ,

My Schizophrenia has Taken Up Plenty of Space , , ,

Perhaps Harnessing tha Step Away from Psychosis and Blocking out tha Spectrums of tha Negative , , , Could be a Way to Hold Onto a Safe Drug Feeling that Sees Brighter Colours Without tha Baggage of Paranoia … … …

:slight_smile: I still have certain moments when reality is really, really real. Colours and shapes and fabrics and trees and birds and cats, particles alive!

Don’t let the sadness of schizophrenia take away that ability to see the beauty.

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My Personal Sadness is Outside Forces … ,

and Perhaps You Solved a Slight Issue as to Why … ,

With a Goal to Take Away a Beauty , that Can’t be Seen as One is Wounded … ,

Suggestions and Advice (Part 2) … ,

How Does One Step Away From tha Negative Outside Force of Beauty Controlling , as tha Sphere is Shaken to it’s Core of Spiraling Outwards (???) ,

Jus Shake it off and Continue , Jus as a Bird , Shake Your Feathers and Continue Flying to Your NexXxt SonggG Shop … … …

Not being negative just being honest, after taking a glance ( not reading ) I was dumb founded.

In this regard and or others too you are all way ahead of me.

In What Way (???)

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Brain power…

Yes and Yap Yap We All Have Brains … ,

and Heart and Soul … ,

and Strength Within , We Cannot Calculate (OR) See … ,

Our Chasm of Perplexity … ,

Beyond tha Stars Perhaps … , Tha Galaxy in Our Eyes … ,

Deeper than thee Blue Horizon and More Complicated then tha Creatures in tha Sea … … …

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