Suggestion: Keep Yourself Busy


[quote]Go for a walk or join a gym
Sit in the sun and relax
Do some gardening
Collect things (e.g. coins/stamps)
Browse in antiques shops
Learn a foreign language
Paint a picture
Join library and read a book
Do arts and crafts
Do needlework or knitting
Listen to the radio and buy records/CDs
Write a diary
Play pool/snooker/darts
Go to beach whatever the weather
Visit places of interest
Visit a car-boot sale
Decorate room or do DIY
Surf the Internet
Watch TV or funny films[/quote]

Extracted from Understanding Your Schizophrenia Illness: A Workbook.


whoever wrote this must be a very mild case. i don’t do much but some friends on here think i do loads compared to them and others. this is a comprehensive list of all the things i’d like to do but don’t always manage and i think that’s normal for a lot of us. surfing the net? sure…decorating a room? christ, do you realise how much work is involved in decorating a room? my daughter and my mum did her room and it took a week and that’s with both of them working on it. it’s not just a case of splashing paint on a wall. you have to envisage the room and what you want, go to the diy store and pick up your materials, prepare the walls and woodwork for painting, move all the furniture out, cover the floor with dustsheets, paint the walls and let dry, paint them again and let dry, paint the woodwork twice too, let dry, move all the furniture back in, buy shed loads of duvet covers to match the new colours in your room, buy new curtains also to match. diy is hard work and most of us can’t even get out of the bedroom for a shower let alone get ready to go outside to procure all the materials needed. i’m not diagnosed schiz and i find it hard just taking my dogs to the woods as often as possible.

they are all great ideas for everyone here but a lot of people just aren’t that high functioning
though they are great ideas, maybe pick a thing on the list and work towards it? two things if you’re feeling energetic? don’t mean to put your ideas down by the way as i think keeping busy is a great combatant of meloncholy and apathy. good post plumber.


Are you for real? I


What’s that? I think its a good list to start with. Maybe we can add to it.


Yes, I am thinking the same, house decoration needs a lot of work to do, from what you have described. I didn’t even try to start DIY myself. Please keep the list as reference. Granted, nobody is the same, and each of us have different limitation. Thank you for your feedback, jaynebeal.


No sure what is it. Maybe a car accessory sale?

Yes, please feel free to add more to the list.


my dx is chronic auditory hallucinations with p.t.s.d @neveragain x


a car boot sale is something that happens on a weekend in the uk. people from all over take stuff they no longer need, clothes, shoes, dvd’s, food, ornaments, you name it people sell it. they go to a field, park their car in rows of hundreds and set up a table and transfer their stuff from the boot of their car to said table to sell. hence the name, car boot sale. they start around 6am and end about 2pm. the field owners charge sellers £5-£15 per car and buyers are charged about £4 entry. you can make anywhere from £50-£400 pounds a day depending on what you’re selling.


Keeping busy is good,I like to keep myself busy on Internet,like posting on the forum of sz and football and I workout and exercise daily,love my workout,it makes me look fit!!


Oh, we call that a flea market.


Can you tell me which name makes more sense? I’d vote for car boot sale.