Sugar cravings

Anyone else get big sugar cravings


I do. I heard meds like quetiapine, olanzapine and clozapine make you crave sugar

Yea clozapine a terrible one for it
I’m afraid to eat too much sugar fear diabetes

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Yeah is a cruel side effect the diabetes

yes i get it. i wake up middle of the night and raid my fridge. I take clozapine 250mg

I’m on 325 clozapine
Sometimes I get it so bad I feel I’m going to faint without it

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I’ve been eating a King Size kit kat bar every day for like a week, it’s amazing I only weigh 178 right now. I was 20 pounds heavier a year ago. Still gonna cool it on the candy just in case.

Well I need solution for waking up middle of the night, I want to stay asleep.

Benzos were helping me stay asleep for a while and i actually lost 6kg(13 pounds) only by not waking up at night. But eventually developed tolerance and I gained it all back. :frowning:

I sleep like a baby after 225 clozapine at night

Oh that tends to happen with benzos I think >_<

My sugar cravings are so bad that it seems like all I ever eat is sugar. At least for breakfast and lunch anyway.

Sometimes I do and it leads to bad decisions. Two days ago after a month of not giving in and skipping the candy aisle I went to the drink aisle instead and got a Juicy Juice 64 ounce bottle. On that day I drank it moderately but the next day I drank the rest of it in the morning and paid for it with diarrhea. They are making so called fruit drinks with less fruit and Juicy Juice now has everything in fruit juice concentrate which I believe has more sugar and less fruit than straight up fruit juice (business is business. It’s less expensive that way.) Of course the diarrhea could have been due to something else but I doubt it. The struggle goes on.

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