Sugar cravings


Everyday at some point I get either major cravings for anything with sugar or junk food.

Do you get sugar or junk food cravings?


No, I hate sugar. I like the taste of a combination of a hint of sweet and moderately bitter. So I like pure tea with no sugar in it.


Currently I am enjoying Ceylon teas. I bought three types of Ceylon Tea and brew them respectively everyday.


I used to, I have been sugarless for about a year. It helps me lose some weight.


I used to crave sugar a lot. When I got started eating anything sweet I would eat a lot of it. It’s not as bad as it used to be, but sometimes I still binge on sugar, even though I am 55 now and my metabolism has slowed.


55 is not old by modern standard of age, but take good care of yourself, crimby.