Suffering With Anxiety? It could be Your Thyroid

50lbs overweight?
It is my thyroid.
Hope I can find a low cost clinic to get back on this med.

The only problem here is he didn’t say what the solution was. I have thyroid problems and anxiety problems.

I think you have to go to a specialist to get the remedy. I’m planning on going to someone who knows about this stuff soon.

If you just have low thyroid, you take a hormone replacement pill, once a day, for life. You get blood tests periodically to see if the dosage needs adjustment.

If you have an autoimmune thyroid disorder, overactive thyroid, it’s more complicated. But it boils down to normalizing your thyroid hormone levels.

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I have low thyroid. I take a thyroid supplement every day. I get my thyroid hormone levels checked with every lab draw. My thyroid hormone levels are usually always normal. My weight is within normal limits. I suffer from generalized anxiety. I take hemp oil, CBD oil and a very small dose of Klonipin for the anxiety, once a day.

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How is your anxiety around people? I’m going to be taking Klonopin soon and very much hope that it helps enough so I can go to the doctors and get tests done, also I wanna start socializing again.

I used to get anxious around people when I got paranoid. But, now that the paranoia has eased, I don’t get anxious around people so much anymore, thank goodness.
My anxiety manifests itself as generalized anxiety and shows itself as a habit I have of pressing my lips together neurotically and uncontrollably. Hemp oil, CBD oil, and Klonipin all ease this symptom.
I’ve heard people say that CBD oil is a very expensive Klonipin. And that it is.

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Yeah it’s definitely not a cure-all for anxiety. I have treated low thyroid too.

I had to stop taking my synthroid (hormone replacement pill) after taking it for over 6 years. I ran out when I lost my health insurance after a divorce, so it’s been 3 years now without it.
It would cost me over $1200. A year to see a Dr. for this $10. for three months supply, ($40. a year supply.) and this cost was from 2014-before Obamacare was official.

I hope you can find a lower cost clinic. The actual blood test and med are very cheap. You just need a doctor for the prescription.

It was at a low cost clinic…I’m afraid what it would cost nowadays.
I’m searching online for some help from the manufacturers.
Keeping my fingers crossed.

Besides looking for free clinics, try searching online doctors. There’s one called plushcare that is $100 for a “visit” and they can write prescriptions. Presumably lab work would be additional. But a basic thyroid blood panel shouldn’t be more than $50. Ask in advance, obviously, before you shell out, and how many months refills they would do. I get 6 months - but I see my doc in person.

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I have low thyroid and take levothyroxine for it. I used to be on Medicaid and everything was 100% covered. Now I am on Medicare (as of June 1) and I have to start paying $50 every time I see the specialist along with a % of my meds etc. I am certainly grateful that I have some coverage but I am poor and I am going to miss my Medicaid. I also have anxiety. I have my whole life. I attributed it to PTSD related to abuse but maybe the thyroid situation was also contributing.

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