Suffering for Art

It’s the old cliché that the artist is an undying lover of suffering, and that some great works come from pain, but how much are we willing to endure for producing things that teeter on and off the balance of wellness.

Is it something we do beautifully in the face of so much distress? I know that I need that resistance, that opposite, you must pull yourself out of your surrounding. Look at the prisoners who wrote manifestos in prison.

Not willing to tolerate any personal suffering. I may do something stupid like spending half an hour in a blizzard trying to get a crazy shot, but I don’t view suffering as the price of creating art. If anything, art is how I try to make the world better. Just imagine what a cool planet this would be if everyone took five minutes out of their day to create something beautiful or intriguing and then shared it with at least one other person. That’s what I try to do every day.



good to see you’re still up, pixel. Yes, you are right. Your art is completely good in a practical sense and aesthetic sense. I just wonder how many turn to it for a means of being “off” and trying to find that balance again. I think that a lot of mental patients get clearing and focus and betterment from expressing their art.