Suffering at a cost wise

if suffering had a value how much are you owed in money as a compensation…?? put a figure of the type of money your owed

i’ll be honest over 4 million euro’s i would settle with…$$$ call it quits then OK?

compentsation in a justful world…show me my money…universe

compensation would be in the millions i think, but i’d settle for a yacht in the bahamas i think

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welcome too @pedro’s world @daydreamer

i’m hoping to earn that much in my recovery tbh so i guess thats more honest in some ways

ok no one here wants compo so just post all your money 2 me

cheques in the post lol

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i live on a dump in a card board box

it’ll get there :wink: haha :confused:

money grows on trees

I want to be a tree.


i want to be a millionaire

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even if i don’t get the money doesn’t mean i didn’t deserve it…hu hu

I’m playing the euro lottery tonight, fingers crossed :moneybag:

i’d like to burn money like i just don’t care haha i heard its really good for kindling haha

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Everybody suffers. Nobody is owed anything other than a chance to try to make things better for themselves and others.



100 dollar bills give out the best heat @daydreamer

I want to be a bird. There life looks pretty fly :smiley:

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Anywhere between 0$ to $20,000,000. I think I’ll split the difference.