Sue Morgan - Designing the Schizophenia Special - Nature Cover

Sue Morgan designed the cover for the Nature magazine special on schizophrenia. Check out the video - and the cover below. Check out the story here:

More information about Sue here:

and here:


Beautiful work…

Nice pic.

Knowledgeable doctors have acquired vast collections of separate units of info called units of knowledge. They too are like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle.

Doctors, as knowledgeable people, maintain the storage of these separate units of knowledge, and thus in turn do not put the pieces together to acquire a full understanding of many things such as Schizophrenia.

If all of the pieces were assembled, then all the knowledge would be successfully lost, since it would now be reduced to a large singular unit of understanding instead. But such people as doctors specialize in the use of separate knowledge units rather than a complete assembly. If a complete assembly was presented to them, it is therefore immediately rejected by them under the title of simplism due them seeing it as being nothing more than just another simple unit of singularity that is no different than a single useless unit of knowledge that is useless due to being on its own.