Suddenly feel emotionally upset, any idea what it is?

I have some problems with my feelings. It is not depression but I sometimes feel a difficult emotion I would need some instant emotional first aid. I don’t know exactly what is making me sad. I think distraction would help. I would want to get together with people when it happens to me.

Depression is very insidious - sneaky like. It creeps up on people, and sometimes they do not know they are depressed. Maybe you have mild depression? I would check into it with your doctor to make sure, there are meds for it. In the meantime try to surround yourself with positive energy and people

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If it’s not depression…

Just my odd idea, you have been suffering through this, have you been feeling stronger for a bit and then get hit with this?

For me, I have to re-learn my emotions. There are somethings I’ve never felt before due to this illness. So when something new hits me, I’m confused and I sometimes get nervous about that.

Or are you still sorting through sadder feelings? I know you said you felt guilty that your Mom still has to work. Is that still hitting you?

You’re on the right track with using distraction and getting together with someone. I’m sorry you are having this happen. I do hope you feel better.

Last time you posted, you were mentioning the job hunt. How are things going?

@SurprisedJ Just like what you said, I was doing fine for the past week and spent this morning doing a couple of things and then suddenly felt drawn to the bottom.

I feel quite nervous. I put together what I wanted to do and then tried to do it but found myself really lack the ability to do so. I am extremely slow pace. And when I try to focus and think, I feel horrible. Like tearing up a deep seated wound. I just want to make myself feel better. It is difficult living but not doing anything meaningful.

With the job searching, someone get me a job as a security guard. I could never imagine myself doing a job like that. I will do this because I better have a job. I don’t know how to tell my relatives and friends about my new job.  I still have another interview next week. But I think people could either figure out something was wrong with me readily or that they found me not having related working experience to get me into a job. I can’t get them a persuasive answer why I don’t want to practice in my old profession again. I think I would never be able to do that again. My cognitive abilities won’t allow me to do that.