Such bullcrap

I called the property manager a couple times this week. She’s in charge of repairs and she’s the one we pay our rent to. We got a new water heater last month and when they set the temperature the shower isn’t as hot as it used to be with the old one. It’s a little hot but just not hot enough.

I thought it would be a simple thing, the maintenance man is coming over anyways so I asked if she could turn it up a few degrees higher. To me, a shower is a big deal. You may take it for granted but I’ve lived in places where the shower head isn’t right and the water pressure is low or it takes 5 minutes of standing in a cold bathroom until the water gets hot. I take a shower almost every day so if anything’s wrong it puts a damper on my morning knowing I’m going to have to deal with cold water or low water pressure or whatever.

So the woman told me she couldn’t raise the temperature because it would be to hot for everybody else. I replied that the handle is right there and if it’s too hot they can turn the handle an inch. I said if the water comes out hot, they will learn fast not to turn it up all the way. She said she couldn’t turn up the temperature because she’s afraid people will burn themselves

. I told her we’re all adults and we can all handle adjusting a water handle and I don’t need the water burning hot, just hot enough so it’s a real hot shower. I think she was just bullshi**ing me for some reason like she didn’t want to bother with me. So now I have to take a shower every morning that’s just irritating because it’s not hot enough.


That sucks, Nick!

She probably doesn’t know how

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