Successful Treatment of Clozapine Induced Akathisia

Hi all,

Benztropine has been a real life saver for me. I posted a few times before about having terrible akathisia from clozapine. It’s all gone now, I was on on 1mg but still got it. 1.5mg, still got a mild case. Upped my dose to 2mg and I haven’t had akathisia since, praying that I won’t ever again.

It was kind of frustrating because my Dr. didn’t think it was clozapine induced and thought it was stress / anxiety. Did some research, tried propranolol but didn’t work for me, benztropine has been great. Just letting you know my clozapine dose is 400mg.

Just wanted to share this information, for anyone who might be going through this right now.

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Benzatropine 2-4mg worked for me when I had akathisia on Latuda.

Did your movement problems happen at night? I have restless leg syndrome from the Clozapine.

Yeah I would wake up at like 3am with terrible restlessness, couldnt sit, or lie down had to pace around for 30 minutes waiting for ativan to take effect.

I don’t think I experienced restless leg syndrome though