Successful recovery stories

It’s been 4 weeks since I smoked a cigarette. Lost 8 kilograms of weight.

My business is going well. Included yoga and exercise in my life.

It’s going well.

I just wanted to know if anyone here does a lot of exercise or go to gym or even yoga. Do you feel energetic or does the medication makes you feel drowsy?

Anyone here who feel very energetic and healthy all the time? Please let me know through your comments … it would motivate me greatly.


I’m not gonna lie and say that I haven’t drink any alcohol because every two months I miss the taste and go to the store buy one beer, drink half, then throw it out. But I haven’t exceeded that since last June I believe. I thank my naltrexone and SSRI for providing me relief from alcoholism. Two years ago I couldn’t drive or talk in public a full sentence. Just two weeks ago, I drove all the way to Pennsylvania and back in one day. Which was 10 hours of driving. I used to not be able to do two minutes of driving before I had to give up… Amazing how I’ve recovered. Meds!!!

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Bhai business start kiya …???

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Haan bhai theek se chal raha hai sab… I hope you are fine

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I’m on 600 mg Seroquel and work out 6-7 hours a week at the gym. I’d say my energy is pretty average. My motivation is pretty high.


Thats great tree…!!! I dont have will to struggle…!!

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Wow that’s great… Very inspiring indeed.

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Hi @latenightsurfer baba, keep up the good work!
@Chess24 is training a lot but he is not on meds.


Hey lord Zeno… thank you. I hope you are fine. Good to know about @Chess24 but why is he not on meds?

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He said they ‘weaken’ him.


He should be on meds…!!! He says he hates me… haha thats so funny…!!!


I hope it turns out to be okay for him


I believe I have recovered a lot. I still have memory and some cognitive issues but as of right now -

I work 7 days a week about 48 hours a week as a cashier.

I can drive pretty good.

Maintain the up keep of my car. Regular oil changes, getting it washed when it gets dirty etc.

Go to the gym 2 - 3 days out of the week.

I went from 183 lbs to 171 lbs.

I still live with my parents but I help them out with bills.

I have fluency with my speech and have normal conversations with people and can come up with quick replies.

I take 3 - 4 showers a week and maintain my hygiene.

I have insight into my illness.

I don’t hallucinate, I’m not delusional, voices are in the background, I don’t talk to myself, firmly grounded in reality.

I’ve been compliant with my medication.

Talk to friends over the phone at least once a week.

Invested in stocks.

Have a to total of $30,000 in assets including liquid.

I dress nicely and smell good.

I’m slowly going to start meditating and reading more.

Other than that I believe I’ve recovered pretty good and have been stable for almost a year now.

My energy levels are stable most of the time.


i’m pretty well recovered, i do loads of stuff, keep busy, i still take meds but recently rediagnosed, i’m highly motivated but not overly energetic, i am also improving my tolerances all the time, its amazing when i notice a difference, i still get anxious but its not as bad now, just trying to enjoy life now and hoping to start a family some time too :slight_smile:

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I’m stable but reality is still half delusion half normal for me. I still have mood and ego problems but medications can only help so much. I work 6 days a week full time.


Three years ago, I was confused, falling down all the time and paranoid out of my mind. To the point of having to admit myself into a senior retirement home. Today, I am alert and oriented, not falling anymore, and with no paranoia in sight. I did a complete transformation. All because my pdoc added a third AP to my medication regimen. And also because I exercise (yoga), meditate, play piano, read, pray, and volunteer all on a daily basis.

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I am doing pretty good at the moment . I train in gym 3 days a week . It’s pretty enough . Better less then nothing.i accept all parts of me . I believe life with sz is beautiful


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