Successful blogging / vlogging

Hi all.

Does anybody here keep a successful blog or youtube channel?

If so, please share your experience. How many readers/viewers you have amassed, what kind of feedback you get, and maybe even how much money you make (if applicable).

I’ve published a few videos and I’ve also tried to start a blog in the past, but gave up too soon.


I have a tech blog and tech youtube channel. Money, views and followers was never my main goal. My goal is to inform and educate and collaborate and learn. I have been blogging for about 20 years now.

If followers and money is your goal, it is not too difficult, it just takes time and effort and some luck. On LinkedIn for example I have about 1300 connections. I just keep adding persons to my network.

My advice. Define your goals and what success means to you. Come up with short and long term plan. Keep at it.

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What about feedback? Is it not important to you that readers feel happier or wiser after reading / viewing your content?

I wish I could know more about the impact my videos had on those who watched them. But I’ve disabled the comments section for some videos, because the topic was sensitive and it could attract hate speech…

I get about 5,000 unique visits per month to my photography site where I blog occasionally. I don’t publish a lot there so it’s not a huge deal to me. My Flickr and Instagram pages are quite active. I’m not sure how to classify my online station, but it has over 1.5M listener sessions a month. Not really growing or shrinking right now.

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Yes. I am open to feedback. I allow comments but I have moderation turned on.


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