Success stories!

This thread is for sharing your success stories only . Feel free to share some background to your story as well. It is created mainly because multiple people have said that it’s a bit of a inconvenience to tell their stories over and over again and they would like to have a permanent thread that they can link to to share.

We are going to try a bit of an experiment with this thread and try locking this thread to keep it clean. If you want to share your story on this thread, please personal message me with your story and I will insert it in thread, but keep locked to keep people from posting non essential comments in this thread to keep it nice and tidy.

Thank you! I hope this thread works out!

Edit: As an after thought, you are free to either make your post anonymous or have me include your username in your stories details. Whichever you choose.


From @Human :

“I am currently 28 years old, born in the PNW (Pacific Northwest)
Grew up in a small town- about 2,000 people or less… graduated high school in 2012, left for 3 months to volunteer in Nairobi, Kenya. Following my return home I moved cross country to Brooklyn, New York to be near my older sister and to go to school for massage therapy. Lived there for about 4 years. Had my heart broken and didn’t get my LMT license. What a big waste of money…

After that I moved to Eugene, Oregon for half a year. I believe that’s when I started to fall into the SZ spiral. Moved back home in February 2016. That same year, in the spring, a few days after my 22nd birthday, I went into psychosis and was hospitalized for 2 weeks. Everything after that is almost a blur that is too boring to go into detail.

In June 2017 I met my now husband online after a year of being on a hookup/dating app.

A year of dating and I went off my meds because a different therapist/psychiatrist determined I had PTSD, not schizophrenia and that I didn’t have to take meds🙄 so then a year later I went into psychosis, again. Went back to hospital and got back on meds.

After 3 years of dating my husband proposed. Now we’ve been married for 2 years, been together for 5 years and have a baby girl.

I haven’t been successful in keeping a job aspect since my first psychosis, but I’ve tried.

I never thought I’d get married or have children after I developed schizophrenia, but here I am. So that’s kind of a success to me.”


From @jukebox :

Well, I think my biggest success was having late onset schizophrenia so that I could finish and get my degree in Architecture…I was interning as an architect when I got schizophrenia…never made it so that was kind of the biggest bummer about getting ill…the biggest success I had as a residential designer for a firm in Oklahoma City. I designed and worked on at least about three hundred or more house plans that went all the way to being built…over and over…so I feel like that’s enough of a success for me as an architect…I left my mark…my other success besides finding love with two marriages…once divorced, twice married…both times were the best times of my life, but my current wife loves me much more than my first wife…so I am happy that is success in love…I think the most important…another success is that I wrote a book about my delusional journey through my psychosis…the first thirty pages of my book are on the home page located at the upper left of the forum screen…once on the front page, click on “schizophrenia success stories” and the name of the book is “OUT OF IT”.