Submitted my art online to an artist site...kind of excited

if they are interested they are going to write back…no more emails from me for now…maybe they will like my art work? I am going to post a picture of my new art again so that you guys can tell me again if you think it’s worthy of being posted on an artist site that promotes new artists…?



Very cool good job


It’s good :smiley:
Man, I really wanna get into painting again

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oh I hope you do @Miika it has set me free…financially and emotionally…

@Twialine thank you so much !! I’m proud of you for overcoming so much in your life.

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@jukebox I always feel like I take two steps forward and one step back most of the time…

sorry that is hard on you…

@jukebox it’s all good not your fault

do your false teeth hurt I noticed you said they hurt you.

@jukebox yeah… They have to sit so so in my mouth or it hurts like hell and the dentist won’t shave them anymore

darnit ! how about a new dentist?

@jukebox most dentists won’t touch another dentist work

well a new piece of teeth set is probably too pricey I guess…

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@jukebox $1k for new ones… Mom said some time we’ll shave them ourselves

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well good…things are looking up…don’t lose hope bride !

I may also have a bit of tooth stuck up there… It feels like I might… Gotta pull it out myself… This may hurt…

oh my, don’t do that !! haha

I have too… Or I’ll never get my teeth to fit right… They don’t tell you this but after your teeth are pulled they are pulling so fast they don’t take time to pull out shards so you gotta… I pulled one that was bad deep one time… Hurt

I had a shard…I pulled it out too now that you mention it…I thought it was a piece of metal but it was probably a tooth.

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goodnight…haha I have to go to bed…late late…early early.